Daily Life in Detroit in 1950 (Video Footage)


In the 1950s, Detroit, Michigan was a bustling city and the center of the American automobile industry, attracting waves of new residents. Here is video footage from 1950.


In the 1950s, Detroit was a bustling city and the center of the American automobile industry. The Detroit metro area was home to the “Big Three” car manufacturers, Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors. In the previous decade, World War II turned it into the “Arsenal of Democracy.”

The city was a hub of innovation and industry, with factories and assembly lines churning out the latest models of cars. It attracted some of the greatest engineers, academics, and business minds in the country.

Detroit was also a city with deep racial divides. Because of the Great Migration, African Americans were moving to Detroit at a high rate. The African American community faced discrimination and segregation, with many living in neighborhoods with substandard housing and limited access to opportunities.

In the 1950s, Detroit also faced significant challenges related to pollution and urbanization. The city’s air quality was poor due to the smoke and emissions from the factories, and the growing population put a strain on the city’s infrastructure.

Despite these challenges, the 1950s were a time of increased growth and prosperity for Detroit.

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